Author Topic: My first "commissioned" work  (Read 4857 times)

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My first "commissioned" work
« on: November 27, 2007, 12:19:42 PM »
Granted, its not a major for the rest of the true artists on this forum, it was a big step for me.
I have a coworker who saw my woodworking site and few pictures I had out of the gears I was cutting from Clayton's #6 plans.
She and her husband are clock nuts, and asked me to make her one as an anniversary present for her husband in April.

So I completely recreated the clock on the computer for use in my new home built CNC and started forward.
Haven't looked back yet!
Full pictures can be found in my gallery.  Follow the clockworks picture.

I'm calling it clock Zero since its my first I've had to draw from scratch, but isn't truly my own.  You can tell it is taken from Clayton's #6 gear ratios and gear center placement and basic shape.  I thinned out some aspects of the frame to make it a little more delicate looking.  And will be putting a 12" dial ring of African Padauk on it.  I've also used the Padauk for the pendulum hanger and bob, and have replaced the top and bottom plates of the frame.  Even if it doesn't work, it should be quite the conversation piece.

Clayton, if you're listening, I plan on honoring you and the #6 by engraving acknowledgment onto the name plate I'll put on the clock.