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Duck Clock
« on: August 22, 2008, 11:29:23 AM »
Thought I would share some photos of a clock I built as a gift for my Dad's 75th birthday.  He raises Mallard ducks.  Spring wound, 8 day movement, .75 second period.  Used two mainsprings from a 1904 Gilbert mantle clock.  Ratchet and clicks are made of aluminum because wood of the appropriate strength required too much bulk.  These two springs, fully wound, have a massive amount of combined torque.    Runs very quiet.  Not as accurate as I would like (+/- 15 seconds per day).  I included a coil spring 45 second remontoire as part of the design but ran out of time before his birthday and didn't get it into this build.  Accuracy should improve with the addition of a remontoire.  Except for the baltic birch ply gears, all the wood is recycled from old house renovations and old furniture. The front and back of the case used to be stair treads and the clock face is an unknown species of wood from a discarded shipping pallet.  I liked the look of the lace wood.  The main theme I tried to incorporate in the design was the absence of straight lines (except for the bottom of the feet and the adjustment portion of the pendulum).  This is my third effort at clock building.  I am amazed at how many clocks some of you turn out and I have to say that I am humbled by the work I see posted on your various websites.  Hope someday to get my results up to par with all of yours. 
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