Author Topic: Gary's Clocks (Mahoney) HELP Needs new site to host his material  (Read 4317 times)


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Gary's Clocks (Mahoney) HELP Needs new site to host his material
« on: November 18, 2009, 02:43:28 PM »
I recently contacted Gary Mahoney about his site link being broken. His site had a ton of valuable information that I hate to see lost. He has agreed to send his HTML pages and PDF files for clock plans. Attached is the returned email.

Thanks for contacting me.
Its true my websites been down for quite a while. 
I was hosting my material on my friends home ISP account. I think he had free web hosting up to 5mb. He has since changed providers and I hadn't looked into getting my material up on another site.  As you can probably tell I'm looking for something really inexpensive as for webhosting. Free would be good.
If you know someone that would like to take the material and host it that'd be great. I still have all of the HTML pages and pdf files for the clock plans. Cool animation files too. 
The woodworking plans and info from my site has always been free of charge.  I only ask that the plans remain free. Just my way of paying back all of the other fine people who share their work on the net.
I just checked the size of all the files I had on the website. 34mb.  So much for the 5mb limit.  I think the best way for me to send them to you would be by way of an FTP link if you have one.  The other option would be to burn a CD and use the mail.  Or maybe you know of another file transfer method.
Thanks for the interest in the Clocks and keep up the good work at CNC zone.
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