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I have a large wooden clockworks library.  They were found on ebay, NAWCC, and book sellers.  They are nice to have books and provide a lot of information.  However, I'll only recommend one and it's not a wooden clock book but a regular book on clocks.  It's called "The Modern Clock" by Ward L. Goodrich.  Written in 1905.  It's available from the NAWCC, ebay, book sellers etc.  In simple terms it explains tooth and pinion design, escapements etc.  A complete book on Horology.  It's the best.  

An e-book that you can access on the internet is Mark Headrick's web site.  A complete course on horology.  Mark taught me escapements.  You can click here: and spend hours reading his material.  At one time you could buy his book on escapements now you can download what ever you need.