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Cog Counters
« on: December 12, 2005, 03:19:06 PM »
There is a group of people interested in wooden clock movements called "Cog Counters" they are independent of but usually meet at NAWCCA . Their membership fee is nominal but they have a wealth of info members have collected over the years in a central file along with plans of historical wooden works. I understand that one can purchase copies of this info at a reasonable price. The founder Ward Francillon recently passed away but others are carrying on. I have this name for a contact: John Teeter, 11180 Rambling Way, Canadian Lakes, MI 49346- tel 231 972 2731-email [email protected].  I contacted John this morning and I am waiting on more info. I have seen some of their files that a friend Al Barnett purchased and it is impressive. I hope this is not carrying coal to Newcastle for every member but maybe someone will find a new source of info.  By the way another good piece of info that has been a gold mine of help is George Bruno who has some excellant plans and loaner videoes if you purchase some of his very detailed plans. I believe the price is about 45.00. He is located 341 Westside Road,  Torrington, Conn. 06790 tel 860 489 4904, but does not have a web site, I really can not tell you how helpful he has been to me. I hope these pieces of info will help someone in their pursuit of wooden clock building. Reid