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Small wooden nuts and screws
« on: September 29, 2006, 09:53:25 AM »
This is in response to a question about makng the small screws I use in my clocks

The threads on my clocks are 1/4, #10, #8, and #6 and I have made them as small as #1.  I make them on a metal lathe and chase the threads (all national course) with a rotary 60 degree cutter which I sell.  They are quite easy to do if you have a Foredom tool or similar high speed device.  I mount the hand piece in my tool post and then set the quick change for the pitch and turn the lathe spindle by hand.  The thread is cut in one pass.  The nuts are simply tapped with standard metal taps.  I thread several blanks on a piece of all thread and mount it in an indexer on my mill and machine the six flats to make a nice nut.  It is all fairly time consuming but enjoyable.  Oh yes,  you can't tap end grain so all your nuts must be side grain.