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Title: Flintstone Clock
Post by: ub52 on July 22, 2009, 10:30:22 PM

It's been a while since visiting or posting here, so I thought I should share a video I upload to Youtube. It's of a prototype gravity escapement inspired by an article in the Dec 2008 NAWCC bulletin. The article titled, "Designing and Building a Compound Pendulum Gravity Escapement Clock", showcases a primarily brass constructed clock designed by Julian Kaegi of Switzerland. The article is quite detailed, specifically with respect to the design of the compound pendulum.

With the article as inspiration, I determined to try and replicate the escapement in mostly wood. The layout was done in a CAD tool on a MAC. Scaled prints were made of the different elements and cutout on a scroll saw. For sturdiness and precision some elements were done with brass(hope the purest are not offended). All in all it's still pretty crude, hence the video title "FlintstoneClock". Eventually I plan to layout a going train and motion works to complete the concept.

Here is the link to the YouTube Video.

Title: Re: Flintstone Clock
Post by: rus on July 28, 2009, 07:54:54 PM
I viewed your escapement the day you posted and it has taken me this long to respond.  I really like the action of the movement and am fascinated  by the pallet(s)-to-pendulum impulse points on the horizontal bar.  I think I'm "reading" that correctly.   I would like to learn more about the construction and the specifics of the design of the escapement.  Having said that, I figured it was time to join the NAWCC club, but from what I can find on its web site, not even members can access older articles online ( a feature that will be instituted in the future.)  Perhaps hard copies are made available.  I'll ask.
This really wasn't to be about me (honest) but rather to congratulate  you and thank you for sharing your findings with us wood cog folks.  Just when we think we've seen everything, 'cause we've been looking, here you come...
Wonderful piece and thank you
Rus Thomas
Title: Re: Flintstone Clock
Post by: ub52 on July 31, 2009, 11:04:49 PM
Thanks for the comments Rus. I've uploaded another video of this prototype. I made some mods to the compound pendulum weight distribution which slowed the rate down to 2 secs and also the impulse weights where redone which added some stability. Currently I'm working on a first stab at a going train and hope to post more video as I flesh things outs. Here is a link to the video I posted. (

While you may not have access to the NAWWC article, the original article is available in German from the following link. While I can't read German the pictures alone are worth the download. (

Title: Flintstone Clock
Post by: D.Tholf on October 29, 2009, 02:38:19 AM
WowWhat a jobIve never done a clock yet,but lately Ive seen a couple like this one and have to get my nerve up and try one sometime..BeautifulSteve..