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Public Domain books
« on: April 07, 2009, 10:36:37 AM »
I found these almost by accident in my travels through the tubes that make up the interweb. As I was trying to learn more about clocks and clockmaking I found a few books digitzed by google that are now in the public domain, so I thought I would share. The gear book was the most helpful to me. I hope these can help someone else as well.

The biggest help with drawing gears was this one: American machinist gear book By Charles Hays Logue, Reginald Trautschold
The next one has a chapter (ch. 10) on gear trains: Elements of mechanism By Peter Schwamb, Allyne Litchfield Merrill
And the last one I found is self explanitory: Watch and clock making By David Glasgow

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Re: Public Domain books
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Thanks for sharing free books, hope these public domains will be enriched with more and more technical and scientific books thanks for volunteers.  R Programming Training | DataStage Training  |  SQL TrainingSAS Training | Android Training  |  SharePoint Training